Shift Happens is the best and most practical book I’ve read in ages for professional or personal development. (Actually I downloaded the audiobook last spring on itunes, so it is the best book I have listened to in ages.)

The wisdom, humour, and clarity of the lessons in this book have made it my go-to resource when I am feeling down or frustrated. Brief chapters offer lessons in stories, insights, and exercises like There are No Happy Perfectionists!, Some of the Best Gifts Come Badly Wrapped, and You Are Never Stuck, Just Afraid!.

I met Dr. Robert Holden last year in New York City when I was at a Hay House  workshop in the room next to his coaching workshop. It was the best surprise of 2012. We talked for five minutes, and he is as genuine, sweet, and present to the moment as he appears from his work.

Robert Holden became a household name in the United Kingdom in 1996 when five million watched a BBC documentary called How to Be Happy. Five million people watched Caroline, Dawn, and Keith complete an eight week happiness course, designed by Dr Holden while independent psychologists and scientists tracked their progress and called it “a genuine fast-track to happiness.

The program is available online or in person now, so that will definitely be one of my next adventures.

I have several other books of his on my shelf waiting to be read. Have you read any of his books? What did you think?