Keep Writing. Yes, I Mean You!

I went to bed late on Wednesday night absolutely sure that I had no business writing a second book. I had spent hours organizing material, editing, and writing. Check out the photo of my meditation room gone wild with paper.

I re-read my first chapter before bedtime, and…well, excuse my language but…

Everything I wrote sucked.

On Thursday I woke up with a vicious headache, likely the result of being cramped over my laptop writing for so many hours and dreaming about really bad books. But I got up, took the dogs out, made my green smoothie, and honoured my commitment to myself and to the book. I trudged upstairs to my computer, cringing all the way.

Well, let me tell you. I read the first chapter again. It is actually not bad. In fact, I’d wager it is quite good.

Everything worth doing is a risk. Writing this book is both risky and important. How do I know? Because the resistance is so very strong. Those voices that grow louder as they challenge me and tell me that my writing is bad when I know better. After all, you’re reading this post 🙂

Resistance may appear as thoughts that you are too stupid or not educated enough to do that. Or asking yourself what will people think. Maybe resistance sends you shopping or off to play video games. Or your children or parents or spouse may need you so you couldn’t possibly carve out an hour for yourself by getting up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later. (You may want to read my post Resistance Really is Futile with wisdom from Steven Pressfield).

You are dreaming your dream for a reason.

Keep going. Yes, I mean you.

What is your next step? Do it this week. And tell me about it in the comments section.

Gotta go. My book is calling.


  1. My second book is calling as well. I’m reading the Comic Toolbox by John Vorhaus, and it’s gratifying to see that the conflicts I’ve set up for my characters are the stuff of the comedy I want to write.

    There are issues with my agent and other issues to be resolved, and that takes energy away from finding the funny story of my intrepid heroine.

    It does help to get a second opinion before you start re-writing. It helps to get the whole draft done first.

  2. I think all writers possess an inner resistance… I call mine “hopeless” because that’s how I feel when I sit down to prepare a passage.

    Though, I know I’m a great writer when I can sit down to read something I’ve written – weeks after I’ve written it, and I can say to myself… Wow, did I really write that?

    That’s intense! LOL

    Your room looks a lot like my desk. 🙂

  3. Are we twins? 🙂 I can SO relate to what you posted! From having the dream to pursuing it to the self-doubt and ensuing headache from too much time on the laptop!

    I also have a dream to write my second book – I wrote my first one last year in about two weeks, as it was an idea that came to me either in a dream or upon waking, to write a tribute to my Dad (who passed away in 2002) and fatherhood in general, in time for Father’s Day 2012.

    This second one is about a traumatic personal event that took place back in March 1985 – so yes, I want to finish the book I started to have ready to sell NEXT month!

    Thanks for the incentive to get going and keep going! ~~K’Lee
    K’Lee Banks recently posted…Focus on Weaknesses – or Fulfill Your PotentialMy Profile

  4. I just pushed through something similar, which was posting my first video blog. I resisted for so long and finally just made myself do it. I’m not quite there where I can’t wait to make the next, but I know it will be a lot easier.

  5. The timing for me reading this article is good for me. In the past several months I have had to back off being quite as aggressive about working on my blog and promoting it.. several reasons/excuses.. the most recent is that we found out in Dec that my husband’s heart is not as well as we thought. More on that at another time. So, yes, I do need to be more available to support him which does take time but I do not want to totally let my blog go as staying active is a good outlet for me. So ‘thank you’ for your encouragement to keep going even if it is at a different pace.

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