10 Steps to Public Speaking

You can do this!

1     Prepare. Prepare.
Know your stuff when you’re speaking. Even famous speakers prepare. It may be the same topic, but every group is different.

2   Use your own words.
People can spot a fake. Your uniqueness is what makes you special.…

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Are You Draining Your Own Energy?

Staying positive after life doesn’t go your way

Imagine your manager or your biggest client telling you that you handled an important situation the exact wrong way. That you made an awful decision.

It doesn’t matter if you did make a mistake or if his judgment was unfair or if she were assertive or aggressive or sarcastic or if or if… Being in that situation can feel like a big vacuum comes into your body and sucks out all the positive energy, motivation, and enthusiasm.…

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The Art of Success

Surround Yourself with Smart People

Last Thursday night, the Saint John business community came together to celebrate entrepreneurship, big hearts, champions, and the amazing people we have in our community at the 31st Annual Outstanding Business Achievement. (I was honoured to be a finalist for an OBA.…

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Courage Comes in Many Forms

Publishing a Book is a Huge Test of Courage

When that special project needs to get done, it’s time to draw on your courage and leadership skills.

After a string of unhealthy relationships and unwilling to give up on love, Andrea Cyr wanted to know what made real-life soulmate couples work.…

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