Stop Creating Ugly Documents

6 design steps for better proposals, reports and handouts

1 Be font friendly

The font refers to your typeface. Commonly used fonts include Arial and Times New Roman. Use serif fonts for most text. Serifs are squigglies in letters. San-serif fonts like Arial should only be used for headings.…

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Changing the Conversation

Changes Everything

It’s so easy to get caught up in one of those conversations. One person talks about their annoying colleague or client, Then someone else ups the negativity with their own story, and on and on it goes. Pretty soon, we are all feeling worse.…

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Busy, busy, busy . . . dead!

“Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy . . . dead!
There must be a better way.”
~ Authentic Success

Robert Holden‘s quotation hit me in the face last week. Tis the season for lots of family and community commitments as well as year end for work with tons of projects to finish before the new year hits.

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