Those 3 Little Words…

Thank a Teacher

I see my favourite high school teacher every so often across the room at a local restaurant. Every time I think how much she had meant to me as a teacher and what a difference she had made.…

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Living Life Fully

Today’s Inspiration

The world’s oldest dance group is here to inspire us all.

No excuses. Whatever you want to do, find a way. Take a step. Any step forward. Go for it!

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Comedian’s Guide to Success

10 Business Lessons from James Mullinger

James Mullinger  is a brilliant comedian. The first time I saw him was at an Ignite Saint John event where he did five minutes on Why I Love Saint John.

That may sound like a strange gig ~ until I explain that James Mullinger is a well-known UK comedian, former GQ editor, and TV presenter from London, England who moved with his wife and young children to his wife’s hometown after falling in love with our region.…

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You’re More Powerful Than You Think

You’ve Got This!

I was doing some research this morning, and I came across an ad that said, “You’re more powerful than you think.” Then the voice in my head said, “Yup, you are, so what are you going to do next?”

My choices just became larger.…

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4 Tips for Using Videos in Training

Videos are a great way to switch up your learning activities

1 Preview the video

Don’t rely on your memory. Watch the video again to see if it suits your audience and subject matter. Update your choice of videos continuously. You need to use recent videos if you want people to be engaged.

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