Paws to Build a Successful Life

5 Lessons from My Dog Lucas

My furry kids have taught me a lot, and Lucas has some guidance for building a successful life. Let’s paws and see what he has to say.

Spend your free time as you like.

I like to run and meet other dogs, and I’ll bring my toy to any human so we can play tug.…

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Measure Your Results

Build Evaluation into Your Work

I’m not a numbers person by nature, but I do believe you need to measure your progress. It’s key to any project. Why measure? you ask… How will you know where you are starting? How do you measure improvement?…

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12 Tips to Improve Email Efficiency

Easy Ways to Be More Productive

All we really have in this life is time and energy. Wouldn’t it be great to spend less of both on email? Yes! Here’s to email efficiency.

Email is a wonderful technology, but it can be a huge time-eater when we don’t manage it properly.…

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I Won’t Give Up. Nor Should You.

Create Your Own Community

Everyone faces different challenges in their work lives. This time of year I am mainly working on training needs assessments or developing online training. I love both of those things. But those are activities that often leave me working alone for days or weeks straight.…

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