5 Ridiculous Communication Myths

Change Your Perspective on Communication

Communication myths abound. I thought I’d share the myths that I face most often when training university students and business people.

1  Introverts are shy

They’re not shy. Well, not all of them. They often prefer their own company to yours.…

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9 Networking Strategies

Networking is Key to Your Career or Business Growth

“If your networking strategy is simply about getting what you want, that’s called ‘using’ not ‘networking.'”

I love this quotation that Sociallogical shared from businessman Paul C. Brunson because chances are you’ve gotten the hard sell from someone you barely know.…

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Break the Ice!

Select an Icebreaker for a Meeting or Training

An icebreaker is a short activity that sets the tone of an event. They encourage people to get to know each other and make people feel welcome. It’s a chance for people to release their nervousness and warm up the room for what comes next.…

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