Staying Open to Criticism

Ouch! But Necessary

Last month we looked at how to give feedback respectfully and ask for a change in someone’s behaviour. Now we’ll talk at the toughest part. Hearing it.

A friend of mine had a counsellor who challenged her for one month to accept all suggestions from others with only the reply, “Thank you for your feedback.…

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Business Ain’t the Place for Games

Communicate Directly and Respectfully

The rules of communication are simple. Be direct. Be honest. Be respectful. That means you speak directly with a person when you have an issue with his or her actions.

It reminds me of a situation facing one of my clients (let’s call him Adam).…

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Giving Feedback

It Ain’t Easy, But So Worth It

In my first professional gig, the boss sat me down one day to explain that I was being defensive when people criticized my work. Of course, my first thought was, “What do you mean I’m defensive?…

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Listening On Purpose

It’s Your Intention

I’m a practical kind of person. I like formulas to follow when I’m working on a new skill. But as we talk about listening skills, I believe it all starts with intention.

What is your intention while someone else is speaking?…

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