Seize Your Birthday!

Today I’m Celebrating

Not everyone likes birthdays. Maybe people feel lonely, or they don’t like the number attached to the birthday. How you see your age or your birthday is your choice.

My family made our birthdays special when I was growing up.…

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Women Who Inspire

Inspire Yourself, and Keep Going

Some days can be difficult. Long hours. New challenges. Bad news. So how do you keep going?

I look to women who inspire me, who show me what can be done.

The lovely lady in the silly birthday hat is my grandmother Edna Calder.…

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Know You’re Worth the Money

Do you ask for what you’re worth? Or accept only what’s offered?

When I started my business, I was jealous of people who had a financial safety net in the form of a spouse or other revenue stream. But being the only one paying the mortgage (both dogs refused to get part-time jobs.…

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