Cranky is Too Easy

6 Ways to Choose Another Attitude

I don’t pretend to be perfect. Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m cranky. I’m complaining. My bad attitude feels permanent. I think the whole world should smarten up and do things my way.…

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Must-Read Biz Books

My Top Five!

I believe in karma. When you help someone else, you’ll help yourself too. That happened this morning when an MBA student of mine who plans to open his own business in Africa asked for a list of must-read business books.

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Do You Invest in Yourself?

Take Time for Your Own Training

We are all busy. Sometimes it feels like a competition when you chat with other people. Everyone is comparing their to do lists. But this post isn’t about time management. It’s about something that should stay a priority in your professional life.…

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