When Work Goes to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Make Yourself Part of the Solution

The client went berserk

Your teammates at work are fighting

People are talking about you behind your back

You just made a huge mistake on a project

Whatever happened — whether it was your fault or not – there’s only one way back to sanity when everything goes to hell.…

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6 Expectations of Women from Not So Long Ago

Happy International Women’s Day!

(Photo of Debbie, Me, and Tanya – two of the strongest women I know)

Inspired by Katie Bowden from This is Duke, and her social media post about how today we stand on the shoulders of the women who came before us… I wish to honour those who came before me and to inform the new generation of young women of what has changed in just a generation or so

When I was young, women were…

1 – sometimes ‘allowed’ to work outside the home (a privilege for women), assuming, of course, that they continued to look after the children and home chores as well

2 – told schoolteaching was okay, wanting to be a professor was too much for a woman

3 – to wear skirts and heels and makeup at work

4 – expected to marry and then quit their jobs

5 – hired at lesser pay and I heard, “Let’s hire Sally.…

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4 Rules of Delegation

Clear Instructions Save Time

Have you ever been delegated work and wondered what someone meant? Or has your team wasted time going in the wrong direction because they didn’t understand what you really meant?

Here are five things to consider when you share instructions:

1 – Assume nothing.

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