Communication Lessons from Movers

Teamwork is Key

Last month I moved into a new office at 89 Canterbury Street. If you’re like me, packing, lifting furniture, and unpacking isn’t up there on your list of favourite things to do. But I was extremely grateful for the strong arms, careful movements, and communication skills of the gentlemen from the moving company.…

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Looking for Happiness?

Try 100 Days of Happy

Some days happy takes more effort than others. Right?

I was scrolling through my Facebook memories a few months ago and saw two years ago where I had started 100 Days of Happy. I had been inspired by a friend’s gratitude posts, so each day for 100 Days I had shared something that made me happy that day.…

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We All Screw Up

Humility Humility Humility. Then Apologize.

It was like an out-of-body experience. I could feel myself being cranky. Really, really cranky, and I couldn’t seem to stop.

It was my fault.

I was in pain, and I should have said so and left.…

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