7 Must Do’s for Facilitating a Meeting

By request… the skills every professional needs

While traveling around the province offering Facilitation Skills for Collaboration to the health care leaders this month, participants asked me to create a post diving into the fundamental skills each person needs to lead a meeting or make a presentation.…

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Saving the Day Can Hurt the Company

Build Leaders Instead

Have you ever thought it was just easier to do it yourself?

How’s that working for you? Getting tired? Overwhelmed?

I totally understand. Passionate managers and entrepreneurs have a specific vision for their organizations. We want things done well… you know, the way we would do them…

Yet it’s better for us and for our teams if we don’t supply all the answers.

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Asking for Help Sucks

Until It Doesn’t

I’d like to be some sort of super woman who doesn’t have to ask anyone else for help. Sound familiar?

Do you hate asking for help too?

Running a business is like its own personal growth program. To succeed, I need to continue to learn, grow, and do things that make me uncomfortable.…

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The ROI of Happiness

Happiness is part of your bottom line equation

Years ago when I offered self-esteem training for teens and their parents, we did muscle testing to show the connection between what you were thinking and your physical strength. When someone felt good and thought about things that made them happy, their arms were strong.…

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Everyone Has Something to Teach You

And Me

Once we have so many years under our belts, it’s easy to think that we have the answers. This is especially true if you have the role of subject matter expert. Maybe you’re the accountant, the lawyer, the CEO, or the instructor.…

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Reached Your Boiling Point?

3 Ways to Cool It

We likely have said, done, or emailed something in anger that we wished we hadn’t. We are human. But there are ways to help us all cool it when the conversation gets hot.

No one makes us feel angry, sad, frustrated, or anything.

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Afraid You’re Being Ignored?

3 Simple Ways to Ensure People Will Read Your Email

Email is a tool that you either love or hate. But either way, it isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, studies show we spend 17 hours per week reading or sending email at work. 

You need to make sure your emails are being read so you have the info you need to be productive at work.…

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