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shutterstock_150243869Audience: Leaders, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profit Staff

Blog Writing Fundamentals

Are you new to blogging? Have you started a blog but can’t seem to maintain it? Not sure what to write about next? Or are you spending too much time on that one blog post? This hands-on workshop will get you writing and show you ways to overcome those blogging barriers. You will:

  • Align your blog with your brand
  • Apply writing best practices
  • Avoid common grammar and spelling errors
  • Identify ways to overcome writers’ block
  • Prepare your next blog post
  • Create a blogging schedule

Build Your Brand. Build Your Business.

Are you at a loss for words when explaining what you do? Is your business getting lost in the shuffle? This workshop guides you through the fundamentals of building your brand and promoting your business. But this isn’t just about gaining new skills. It’s a workday! You will be focused on your own business throughout training:

  • Day 1: Create a detailed branding plan: values, bios, mission, brand guidelines, etc.
  • Day 2: Apply effective writing and design skills to tell your story in media, websites, etc.

Business Research: Get the Right Data for your Business

Whether you need marketing info from potential clients, feedback from customers, or industry research, you must ask the right questions to gather the information you need. By knowing how and what to ask, you can understand your clients, and, most importantly, improve your sales. Roll up your sleeves for this hands-on workshop where you will:

  • Identify different question models and appropriate uses
  • Select the important questions and phrase questions for objective results
  • Balance the answer options to include all possibilities and without overlap
C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc.
Catherine led our group of Aboriginal entrepreneurs and professionals through an adapted Build Your Brand workshop. The group was engaged throughout and ended up thoroughly impressed with how useful and relevant the session was. Catherine's ability to think on her feet and adapt make her a very effective facilitator, and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Develop a Business Plan

Whether you’re starting or expanding a business, planning helps you to gather the answers you need, avoid costly mistakes, set measurable goals, and provide potential lenders and partners with a clear picture of your business. Come prepared to work because you will:

  • Identify the sections of a business plan
  • Learn where to find information
  • Compile your supporting documents Outline your strategy and assess what you need to do to complete your plan

Less Pressure, More Productivity

The relentless pressure of running a business can lead to burnout. Being your best depends on the choices you make every day. Learn how to work smarter to increase your productivity, which in turn can strengthen your bottom line. You will:

  • Recognize the difference between pressure and stress
  • Identify strategies to work smarter in your own business
  • Learn how to delegate work effectively
  • Define ways to fill up your tank so you can do your best work
  • Develop a personalized plan to perform better at work

Managing the Customer-Focused Experience

Do you know how satisfied your customers are? Do you know how to keep them coming back? It is easier to keep a customer satisfied than to find a new one. Happy customers are excellent sources of referrals for new business and easier to upsell. Join this hands-on workshop where you will:

  • Identify the touch points  (phone, email, website, storefront, etc.) in the three stages of your customer relationships
  • Develop your customer service message and style
  • Define the experience you want your clients to have
  • Align your processes to ensure excellent customer satisfaction and more sales

Write the Winning Proposal

Are you winning all the business you want? Do you waste time wondering what to include in your proposals? Do decision-makers understand why to choose you? You are not alone.

Whether you are responding to a formal request for proposal (RFP) or preparing an estimate, you need a clear, concise document that speaks to customer needs, focuses on benefits, and offers an exceptional first impression. In this one-day session, you will:

  • Describe the information required in each part of a proposal
  • Save time by using a template approach
  • Identify the steps in preparing a winning proposal
  • Apply effective writing principles
  • Create a measurable plan to improve your proposals
C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc.
Catherine’s Effective Writing workshop was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Her sense of creativity with the positive cards and the engagement she had with participants made learning FUN! Her enthusiasm for teaching and her passion for the subject are evident. I am looking forward to using the practical tools from the session in my own work.