Customized Training

Training for Trainers - Catherine DoucetteA highly skilled workforce is essential.

The challenge is that many businesses invest in learning and development. Yet they fail to analyze the skills and knowledge required by employees.

Our training professionals work with your team to assess your strengths and needs. Then we design training or learning systems with a measurable effect on staff productivity and your bottom line.

A needs analysis and evaluation strategy will enable you to answer questions like…

  • What percentage of downtime is due to employee error?
  • What skills does your team already have? What more do they need?
  • What are the barriers to training?
  • Are the new skills being used on the job? Is it a training issue or a supervisory issue?
  • What is the reading level and format of your manual, tip sheets, or other job aids?
C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc.
I love Catherine’s energy and insight!

Assessed. Researched. Measurable. Interactive. Creative.
Respectful. Activities for different learning styles.

Whether the subject is listening, manufacturing, or technology, our methodology for customized training with your subject matter expert will create an effective learning system for you. It will be results-focused, timely, and tailored to your staff.

C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc. has built learning systems and training sessions for labourers, truck drivers, those with low income or low literacy, as well as office workers and executives. Our clients love that we have the diversity of experience to develop customized training suitable for multiple audiences.  One-on-one customized leadership training is also available.

Your team will love the creative, hands-on approach to learning.

You will love the results.

C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc.
Ms. Doucette has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Regardless of the employee’s understanding, she was able to successfully take them to the next level. Her education degree, teaching experience, and passion for learning make her a welcomed addition and a valuable asset.