Catherine Doucette TrainingA highly skilled workforce is essential. We deliver customized training programs that create measurable change in people and organizations.

We begin with your needs.

Many businesses invest in learning and development, but they fail to analyze the skills and knowledge their employees really need. We work with your team to assess strengths and gaps, as well as to questions such as:

  • What skills does your team already have? What more do they need?
  • What are the barriers to training?
  • What percentage of downtime is due to employee error?
  • What is the reading level of your support materials?


C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc.
"Catherine is real. She is one of the most naturally engaging speakers I've ever seen. Her fun and practical, hands-on approach in the classroom means I left with results I could implement in my business right away. She is not only extremely talented, but she's also really funny too. I cannot wait to attend part two of her training in a few weeks!"

Training is not a spectator sport.

The best training is experiential. Research proves people learn and retain the most when they are active participants, not passive recipients.

We design hands-on, practical training that keeps your team engaged in learning and focused on meeting measurable outcomes.

Clients love that we have experience working with diverse groups of people and learning styles. From executives to tradespeople, from professional communicators to people with low literacy, our clients work in health care, information technology, professional services, supply chain management, industrial construction, and more

Your training investment gets results.

Evaluation is key. Yet most training evaluation stops at taking attendance or those one-page participant feedback sheets.

Although that information is important, evaluation shouldn’t stop there. We measure to what degree participants met the learning objectives before they leave training. And we implement plans to ensure the new skills are practiced at the workplace, and we measure that, making any adjustments to the plan to support your team in using their new skills.

Your team will love the creative, hands-on approach to learning. You will love the results.

Discover how we can help.


Download Course Catalogue

Download Course Catalogue


C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc.
Catherine’s interactive training truly pulled on my staff’s experience and enhanced their skills. Speaking to a group of caregivers with 1 to 13 years of experience can be a challenge. All of the material she provided was not only relevant but allowed everyone to take away new knowledge and skills. It was refreshing to see everyone contribute to the discussion and take part in a true team building experience.


C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc.
Very inspiring workshop on business writing. It will enable us to anchor our business out of integrity and credibility with awesome mentors like Catherine Doucette who are key to our prosperity.