Why The Turtle

turtleThese truly ancient creatures adapt to whatever comes.

Sea turtles survived the dinosaurs, the Ice Age, and more than 200 million years of adventures by changing and growing. These fearless innovators spend their lives navigating through thousands of miles of oceans and seas around the globe.

No wonder sea turtles are symbols of creativity, wisdom, longevity, and strength in so many cultures.

Being open to personal and professional change takes the same kind of adventurer’s courage, and the grace of the sea turtle reminds us to relax as we evolve. After all, you are meant to enjoy the journey.

turtleSpecial thanks to the amazing artist and long-time friend Marie-Aline Oliver of Ottawa. She developed the sea turtle symbol for C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc.

C. Doucette Training and Communications Inc.
I’ve contracted Catherine – very professional, very competent – consulting services for adult-ed research and social media projects, and I was totally satisfied with quality and timeliness of her work. Thanks Cath!