Every entrepreneur has war stories. Lessons that we wish we could pass on, so no one else will have to learn them the hard way.*

When you are communicating with clients, it is important to be clear with clients what is included in your price. Countless times I have advised new entrepreneurs to be specific when they quote a price. Then I broke my own rule.*

A favourite client of mine that I’ve known for years asked me to do a writing project, a new kind of project for her role. We’ve always worked well together. We discussed the project, and I gave her a price. I did not give her a written project outline, like I advise other entrepreneurs.

I normally provide three rounds for writing projects ~ major changes, minor changes, and proofing. Her organization was used to running through a dozen drafts. I ended up working a lot of extra hours because it was more important to me to keep the client happy for the long-term relationship. And I learned a valuable / expensive lesson.

From what other entrepreneurs say, being clear is even more important when working with friends or family because you want to be sure to still have that relationship when the work is done. More stories from my colleagues will be in my next post.

What have you learned about being clear in business? What is your lesson?

 *Some details have been changed for confidentiality.

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  1. Tina Kyei on January 27, 2013 at 12:35 am

    Being clear has got people asking me more about my services. When I was not clear before because people wanted to be nice to me they would tell me my service was good but most of the time they did not understand what I was offering. So Clarity is Power.

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