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I’m such a geek. I just spent a wonderful week at the national conference of the Canadian Society for Training and Development (workplace training professional association)  in Toronto. It was exciting to discuss training design, learning styles, facilitation , and knowledge management with my peers – yes, I know. Like I said I’m a training geek.

This national conference was extra special for me because I had the chance to do my favourite thing – teach my colleagues how to create interactive training with measurable results. Even better, my workshop was sold out long before the conference began (and yay! I snagged a Toronto company as a new client after one of their managers attended my session.)

Measurable training results means when the training is done, your staff not only knows they have gained new skills and knowledge, but I can prove it to you. Interactive means your staff are saved from the death by PowerPoint lecture, so they were working more than the facilitator is speaking. Here are a couple of basics for you to ponder:

For measurable objectives, include:

  • Specific action learner must demonstrate (read, write, explain verbally, demo, etc.)
  • Standard (as per checklist, in X minutes, with X% accuracy, etc.)
  • With or without help from user guides or other job aids
  • Who evaluates?

Learning objectives need to be specific as possible, especially when training is for health and safety or affects employee qualifications for promotion.

For the training design piece, we talked about ways to avoid a lecture. Yes, it can be done –even for *your* topic, as well as for software training, public speaking skills, business writing, planning, communication skills, health and safety, and other training areas. You can start by leaving the lecture behind by replacing it with:

  • Case study and exchange group work for feedback
  • Demo or video with learners using a checklist to look for behaviours
  • Small Group Quiz Game
  • Puzzles
  • and more!

If your company requires training or your staff needs to learn how to build training with measurable results, email me. And join in the training conversation on Facebook  or Twitter @cathdoucette

PS Check out the testimonial  that arrived in my email this week as a total surprise…

I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop (at the national conference). I found your seminar very useful. I also liked that the workshop gave me immediate hands-on practice, so I left having learned a skill that I could start applying immediately… Thank you very much!
Marta from CIBC


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