What Will You Say Now?

I watched the movie A Thousand Words starring Eddie Murphy on the weekend. For every word he speaks, a leaf falls off a tree and shortens his life. It made me wonder if we measured our lives in words instead of years, what would change?

If your life was worth one thousand more words, what would you say?

Who would you speak with? Would you tell the tale again about the person who broke your heart? Would you share stories about how life is hard? Would you stare at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself mean things? Would you yell at the car in front of you? Would you speak about what happened in the past that you can no longer change?

Who came to mind when you thought about only having one thousands words? What words would you want to say? How would you say them? What words would you want to stop using? What would no longer be necessary to say?

This week I’m going to focus on the words I say. I’m going to pretend they’re a limited commodity to remind myself to speak thoughtfully. I’m sure of one thing. I won’t be perfect. I do hope, however, that I will be kinder and more loving.

One thousand words ~ what kind of words will you speak this week?

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