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Tanya introduces sweet Sadie to the big beautiful turtle

I haven’t binge-listened to a song like this in eons. Last week, my amazing friend and bookkeeper Tanya Craft  told me about this song she loved called Sober from Little Big Town. Here’s how it begins:

I wanna walk that line a little crooked and live my life a little on the rocks
Laugh at every time I fell, not afraid to make a fool of myself
And keep on dancin’ when the music stops
‘Cause I love being in love, it’s the best kind of drug
Drunk on the high, leanin’ on your shoulder

The best sister ever

The best sister ever

Sure, we can talk about romantic love – the lovely woman or man who makes you smile until your cheeks hurt, but there’s a lot more love and kindness in the world than the romantic stuff we see in the movies.

Each of us has weeks or months where we wonder how we’re going to get through, but if we’re willing to open ourselves to accept help (something I struggle with) or other acts of  kindness and love, we can feel the high of the best kind of drug. At first, it can feel easier to focus on pushing through the project or trying to achieve or endure whatever on your own.

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But there’s more than one of us on the planet for a reason. We’re here to help each other.

We never know what is going on in someone else’s life either. This week I found out that someone I had been struggling to communicate with had a family crisis. It was a big reminder to me to focus on always being kind and open instead of thinking about how I perceive other people to be treating me.

When we open ourselves up (especially when we don’t want to or don’t think we can), miracles happen like…

  • A colleague reached out to me last month to tell me my cranky was showing, and he was concerned about me.
  • Tanya sent me a picture of precious Sadie meeting a big beautiful big turtle
  • A friend left a silly note in my mailbox this week that made me laugh so hard I cried.
  • My sister made this yummy vegan ice cream (here’s the recipe) for me.
  • A stranger put his parking stub on my car so I didn’t get a ticket.
  • Lucas, my dog who rarely cuddles, laid his whole head on my lap and fell asleep.
  • My little niece gave me a fist bump over the phone (gotta love technology)
  • A client took me to lunch.
  • A receptionist found me an appointment in the middle of her crazy day.

Accepting kindness does open you up to the most powerful drug. It makes you stronger so you can truly laugh every time you fall, unafraid to make a fool of yourself, and keep on dancing when the music stops.

When someone offers to help, try saying yes, and open up to more miracles for you and for them. Make time for love and fun. I’ve booked a ladies night in two weeks because I need the giggle. The kindness and love of true friends is the sweet reward for being alive.

How are you going to say yes to kindness and love this week?

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