Stay Grounded. Focus on What’s Important

Sometimes the hours and the days feel like they are disappearing way too quickly. Where did last month go? Seriously, who took it? It was here, but it felt like a pretty brief visit.

You look at your to do list for home and work, and you have no idea how it all is actually going to get done. Meetings. Projects. Music lessons. Basketball games. Household chores. Gym. Grab some sleep. And repeat.

Dr. Robert Holden has a great idea from his Follow Your Joy talk, “Stop what you are doing once an hour and ask yourself – Where are my feet?”

Sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it? But think about it now. Where are your feet? The question helps you stay grounded. It makes you pause and stop running. Leaders learn to check in with themselves to stay on track.

What are you doing right now? Is it important? Are you enjoying it? Could you be enjoying it? Stretch. Breathe deep. What is good about where you are right now? Is your cup of tea extra delicious? Is the sun shining? Are your children laughing? Are your actions making a difference to someone? Have you laughed today? Seriously, have you?

You can lose track of your life if you don’t stay grounded. Be present. Be aware of your choices. Acknowledge how you’re spending your time. Recognize how you’re feeling. Appreciate the people, pets, or things around you. Life feels like it goes by at a million miles per hour sometimes. But you can choose to stay grounded, and enjoy it.

Where are your feet? What is good right now? What you are going to do to stay grounded today?


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