The #1 Tip for Customer Service

Whether you hire someone to mow your lawn or a training consultant like me, you expect the best work and customer service for your hard-earned money. You need to be your best with your clients too ~ both internal and external.

That’s why they care, but they don’t.

A couple of years ago, I was facilitating training in another province. My parents had my dogs Lucas and Angie for the week, and they had called me to say that as of this morning my full of energy, cuddly, tail wagging, super glad to see everyone dog Angie couldn’t walk.

I was devastated.

They were on their way to the vet, and I was on my way downstairs to teach a workshop. What I really wanted to do was curl back up in bed, have a good cry, and then fly home, but life’s not like that. I had made a commitment, and there was nothing that I could do for my Angie. She was in great hands between my parents who adore her and the most awesome vet Dr. Adrian Tompkins

Would my workshop participants have cared if I had said that my dog was really ill? Chances are most of them would. We likely had several dog lovers in the crowd.

DSC_0274But why would I tell them?

I am there to give them the best possible training. Firstly, I need to focus on them and their needs, not mine. Secondly, never let a client know you are having a bad day. If you show up to work, be there for them. I would never have wanted those people to get less than my very best customer service that day.

The bonus is that as I focused on my work, I felt better and could give them the patience and attention they deserve. That’s why they care, but they don’t. And they shouldn’t have to. You’re a professional, right!

What strategy will you use to stay focused on your client when you have something troubling you?

PS The best news is that after a few more rounds of the same issue, today Angie has been healthy and happy since we switched her to a raw diet. Isn’t she pretty? 🙂



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