Being Kind When Others Are Not

A guy came to deliver my new fridge this morning while I was getting ready to write. When he knocked, one of my dogs Lucas was in the crate, and I still had to get Angie (right in the photo) to the crate.

On my way to the crate, I held Angie and answered his questions in the doorway. Yes, she was barking. She usually calms down in a minute or two. Dogs do that. As he walked away, he insulted my dog. (If this doesn’t make your blood boil, insert he insulted my child, he scratched my car on purpose, or he left doggie-doo on my doorstep) I don’t think I’m allowed to write here what kind of thought I had first. But my second was to call him on it and be kind.

I told him that I heard him and explained again why I did that. He replied that he hated dogs. My brain went, “Really? That’s your apology for being rude in my house?” But this isn’t about him. Nothing in my life is. It’s about me. And honestly, I don’t know what is going on in his life. He could be dealing with an illness, a divorce, money problems, or anything so who am I to judge (although it still takes me a moment to pause to get there).

Assume everyone is having a rough day if it makes it easier to be kind when they’re not because I don’t know of anyone having a good day who is rude.

He insulted my dog, and it was a gift. It was a chance for me to choose to be kind.

What can you do so you can pause and be kind when someone else is not?

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