Fun and games in the workplace

I recently went to a really great workshop on Gamification with Jamie Jewer, a lead instructional designer with Innovatia. Gamification means building a learning activity for the classroom or online against time or another team.

A game could be as simple as a scavenger hunt through the user guide to answer questions or as creative as zombie avatars online in a simulation game.

“Interactive learning games can increase long-term retention rates by up to 10 times.”
Jeanne Meister, Author of Corporate Universities

This expert isn’t alone. Research study after study proves that learning games like these increase people’s ability to learn and keep information. So why aren’t we using more games in training?

The number one barrier that people in the workshop reported was that others didn’t understand that learning not only can be fun but should be fun.

Fun and games boost the results of the training.

Everything we do at work is learning, so incorporate more fun. Set a timer for just five minutes while your team brainstorms ideas to solve a problem. Set up a study group for that professional certification, and play a quiz game instead of just asking each other questions.

Life can be more fun and games. Plus it works.

PS The NB Chapter for the Institute for Performance and Learning organized this workshop. For learning events across te country, visit its website.

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