Publishing a Book is a Huge Test of Courage

When that special project needs to get done, it’s time to draw on your courage and leadership skills.

After a string of unhealthy relationships and unwilling to give up on love, Andrea Cyr wanted to know what made real-life soulmate couples work. A friend suggested she spend time with happy couples to find out what makes their long-term love work.

Andrea took the idea a step farther. 

Over a year or so, she invited eight different couples over for lasagna (she swears it’s the only meal she makes that is edible) to discuss what keeps their soulmate love alive.

I literally laughed out loud at her adventures and their stories. I certainly could relate after having spent many years of wondering where all the good relationships had gone. (The good news is that I’m marrying my soulmate next year.)

As soon as I read Andrea’s book, I sent her this message: I read your book straight through because I couldn’t put it down. Amazing. Awesome. What a fabulous idea! So well done and courageous of you. You rock! Congrats!!

Putting yourself out there like that is huge. Years ago I published a small book and the day before the launch, I had the biggest anxiety attack ever. Being a leader by sharing a piece of yourself like that takes an awful lot of pluck.

Thank you, Andrea, for your book. The Soulmate Suppers is Andrea’s first book ~ and I’m really hoping it’s not her last! And thank you for kicking my butt by your example, I’m working on book two now.

What project have you been avoiding but dreaming of doing? Get to it!

The Soulmate Suppers is available at Sandra Miller Floral Designs, 103D Hampton Road, Rothesay, and online at

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  1. Yudith on April 17, 2018 at 3:10 am

    It sounds like Soulmates Supper is a great book. I love books that make me laugh. It does take a lot of courage to publish a book. It reminds me of Aristotle courage quote : “You will never do anything in this world without courage”. Thank you for this book recommendation.

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