Staying positive after life doesn’t go your way

Imagine your manager or your biggest client telling you that you handled an important situation the exact wrong way. That you made an awful decision.

It doesn’t matter if you did make a mistake or if his judgment was unfair or if she were assertive or aggressive or sarcastic or if or if… Being in that situation can feel like a big vacuum comes into your body and sucks out all the positive energy, motivation, and enthusiasm.

Then you start to drain your own energy and down you go… 

What if she has lost all respect for me? What if I get fired? How am I going to feed my family? We’ll be out on the street? I’m never going to get another job again. Everyone will know. Now my life is ruined…

What are the chances now that the next step you take is going to be in a positive direction? Exactly. Stop it! Awfulizing ~ obsessing and making it even bigger in your head ~ helps no one.

Crazy situations happen. Life isn’t always fair. Maybe you were in the right this time. Or sometimes you did make a bad call. You’re not perfect. Give yourself permission to not be perfect, to not be everyone’s favourite person.

Be your own favourite person.

What advice would you give a friend? I bet it would go something like this.

Stay calm. Breathe. No one hates you, and if they do, they have bad taste. Take a break. Don’t make a move yet. Just breathe.

What are your options? Does each choice focus on solving the situation for your client or manager? What is the best way you could handle this situation?

As long as you’re alive, you still have every chance of having an amazing career and life. Be sure what you plan to say or do is assertive ~ calm, cool, without any getting even kind of intentions. You got this! You always have another chance to be better ~ more thoughtful, more solution-focused, more kind.

Be the kind of person that you wish your manager or client was in this situation. You’ve been given this amazing chance to grow. Use it! As a bonus, eventually people will notice and want you on their team.

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