videos in training

Videos are a great way to switch up your learning activities

1 Preview the video

Don’t rely on your memory. Watch the video again to see if it suits your audience and subject matter. Update your choice of videos continuously. You need to use recent videos if you want people to be engaged.

2 Test the tech

Test the technology before class starts. Watch it again. Ensure the room can show the video (i.e., speakers, screen, internet connection, smart board).

For online training, test the video on your learning management system. Make sure it works on different browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. Warn learners if they need to avoid certain browsers software.

3 Have backup

Have the contact info of your site’s tech guru or the tech person on-site. Bring a backup idea or handout if the technology doesn’t work. Have another idea if the video doesn’t load properly or it’s too fuzzy in online training.

4 Videos can be activities

Provide listening sheets. Give learners a handout with a series of questions they need to answer based on the video.  That helps people (like me!) who are easily distracted from videos to focus. It also shows people how the content is going to be used so they know what to watch for. 

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