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Everyone faces different challenges in their work lives. This time of year I am mainly working on training needs assessments or developing online training. I love both of those things. But those are activities that often leave me working alone for days or weeks straight. I’m about equal parts introvert and extrovert so I need a balance of in-person (preferably teaching) and solitude to work effectively… and to stay sane.

As a business owner or for anyone leading the charge on a project, you don’t want to be alone too long ~ especially when you’re facing challenges ~ the challenges eventually will seem insurmountable. But nothing is.

Giving up is not an option, so I needed a plan.

I’ve tackled this challenge three ways, so I am working happily and most efficiently. I decided to create my own community.

Step 1
I am working on a large project for my business, and I knew I’d benefit from someone holding me accountable to the schedule of extra work. I hired a mentor / coach. He’s done the same kind of project for his company with massive international success, so he’s keeping my feet to the fire and giving me invaluable feedback.

Step 2
I committed to a MasterMind group through Women in Business New Brunswick. A MasterMind program brings together people who are extremely passionate about their professional goals. They commit to meeting a certain number of times over so many months. Each meeting they are expected to give updates on their progress in reaching their goals as well as the challenges they face along the way. We all help each other, and it’s all confidential. It’s a great way to make real friendships, challenge yourself to stay on track, and get out of your own head.

Step 3
I take time for lunch with colleagues and friends. (yes, I’ve that bad habit of not taking a break to eat). I take the initiative by looking at my calendar and booking at least one lunch out per week, and I work off-site for at least half a day. Today I had a meeting uptown so I had lunch with a close friend, and now I’m writing this in the local public library, bopping a bit in my seat while I’m plugged into great music.

When you’re looking for ways to face new challenges or improve in your field, create your own community. Surround yourself with positive, upbeat, smart people who get it, and be open to learning all you can.



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