Build Evaluation into Your Work

I’m not a numbers person by nature, but I do believe you need to measure your progress. It’s key to any project. Why measure? you ask… How will you know where you are starting? How do you measure improvement? How else will you know when you’ve completed a goal?

It’s easy for me to build a training program with an evaluation strategy, but I too have been avoiding dealing with other metrics that are important to my work.

On Friday, I met with my web guy Mark Pridham (in the photo) of The Pridham Group. He’s the person who designed my new website and walks me through the numbers of my online presence. He gave me a Google Analytics lesson because I wanted to know more about what’s working and what I could improve on my website and blog. You know what? It was pretty interesting stuff. It made me wish that I had asked more questions sooner.

What project do you need to measure? Who can help you understand the metrics better? It’s time to make the call!

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