Successful Life

5 Lessons from My Dog Lucas

My furry kids have taught me a lot, and Lucas has some guidance for building a successful life. Let’s paws and see what he has to say.

Spend your free time as you like.

I like to run and meet other dogs, and I’ll bring my toy to any human so we can play tug. My sister Angie (with the pretty white face and paws) likes to go out into a field or a beach to sniff by herself. She says hello to the humans, but sees no reason to greet other dogs.

Successful LifeSay yes to adventures.

No matter how comfy I get sleeping in my human’s clean laundry pile, I always jump up with a tail wagging yes when there’s a chance to play or someone new comes to visit. I jump right in for a good sniff. You never know what kind of interesting smelly people you’ll meet in life.

Focus on what’s important.

Nothing gets between me and my peanut butter Kong. Nothing.

Be creative.

I don’t watch a lot of TV unless my humans have turned on Person of Interest. (Bear is so smart. He’s great in action! Bear is a Belgian Malinois military dog adopted by the character John Reese.) Otherwise, I’d rather be doing something creative like trying to get into the latest garbage can in the kitchen, making muddy footprints on clean floors, or chewing the squeaker out of my new toy.

Successful LifeGet enough rest.

Do what you have to do to wind down. Angie always wants to sleep between the humans. I like a good cuddle with my teddy bear, a soft blanket that smells like my humans, and I’m relaxed.

Gotta go now. Dad just brought home a new kitchen garbage can. I love these new toys. I bet I can get into this new model before the end of the day!






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