Celebrate How Far You’ve Come

This past week I received a lot of messages on LinkedIn congratulating me. I had to go into my profile to see what all the fuss was about. This month marks the anniversary of starting my company.

If it hadn’t been for the notes of congrats, I wouldn’t have noticed. I mentally waved it aside until that little voice inside told me to take a moment to savour it, to celebrate.

It’s so easy to look at the list of things to do or the challenges ahead. But what about the journey?

Celebrate all the milestones. You finished coaching your first baseball game. Congrats! Your dog barked to say she had to go outside to pee. Whoot whoot! You signed up for a new course. Way to go! You re-organized the linen closet. Wahoo! You met that big deadline at work. Awesome!

Look at what you’ve done. Remember what it took to get there. Pat yourself on the back. Celebrate with friends, or sit back and smile for five minutes while you think of all you handled to get where you are today.

What are you celebrating this week? Congrats!


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