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Change Your Perspective on Communication

Communication myths abound. I thought I’d share the myths that I face most often when training university students and business people.

1  Introverts are shy

They’re not shy. Well, not all of them. They often prefer their own company to yours. It’s their happy place. It’s what energizes them. They’re thinkers and readers. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. We need them. Check out this great TED talk on the topic.

2  Picturing people naked will help you with public speaking

Really? Ugh. No. Picturing yourself doing well will help you. Do that instead. Like the book says: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.  Here’s a great story about one person’s journey using that philosophy for public speaking.

3  It’s just business

But business is about people, and people do business with people they like. And we all have our own hopes and dreams, so even when you have to tell a co-worker or client news they don’t like, be respectful and kind. Check out my recent blog post about how to be assertive.

4  Big words show I’m smart

Actually being able to explain complex ideas with simple words is a sign of mastery and excellent communication skills.

5  Listening is easy

If it’s easy, why are so many people bad at it? Face it. Most of us are preparing our response instead of really listening. Good listeners have better relationships, and doesn’t everyone want stronger relationships at home and work? Of course. (In fact, we’ll talk about that in next week’s post)

What other communication myths do you want to correct?

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