Do you ask for what you’re worth? Or accept only what’s offered?

When I started my business, I was jealous of people who had a financial safety net in the form of a spouse or other revenue stream. But being the only one paying the mortgage (both dogs refused to get part-time jobs. Slackers!), I had no choice. It was simple math. The business must succeed, or I’d lose everything.

I alwaworthys hated talking about money. But I promised myself if I failed, it wouldn’t be because I let fear stop me. I started talking to other business owners about pricing models and industry standards until I developed the policies on payment and rates for my business. I became very detailed with my clients about rounds of changes and pricing.

Throughout the process, I would hit the “who the hell am I?” block in my head. Yet I learned that that means to keep going because you’re growing as a person.

People not asking for what they’re worth is so common.

  • One individual accepted a job without attempting to negotiate compensation because that would be forward.
  • Another person offered way too much information in a sales meeting, so the client could have walked away and just used what the consultant gave her in that meeting for free and then requested a minimal fee for the project.
  • Another vendor didn’t charge me for work that was outside the scope of the original project.
  • Another supplier who was starting her business, I told her that I refused to pay how little she was charging. She didn’t see how valuable she was.
  • Another colleague said she felt guilty about the passive income in her business. Guilty? Passive income is the gateway to financial freedom! Accept the opportunity with both hands, a dance, and a giggle!!

Step Up. Stand Out. Do Your Research. Know What You’re Worth. Say I Deserve It.

Money is not evil. It’s power. Imagine what you could do with more money!

Sure, I’d take time off and travel. I’d also find new ways to rescue dogs. I’d put my friends’ kids through university. I’d offer bursaries and scholarships. I’d fund tutoring programs for youth and adults. I’d sponsor programs to prepare for job interviews. I’d fund education and health programs overseas.

What would you do with more money?

And what are you going to do this week to ensure you know and ask for what you’re worth?



  1. Jason Peters on June 8, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Totally agree with you Catherine. Great blog.

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