Who inspires you

Inspire Yourself, and Keep Going

Some days can be difficult. Long hours. New challenges. Bad news. So how do you keep going?

I look to women who inspire me, who show me what can be done.

The lovely lady in the silly birthday hat is my grandmother Edna Calder. She lived on the absolutely beautiful Campobello Island, New Brunswick. My grandfather was a fisherman so he was away for long periods of time.

Nan cooked on a wood stove, washed clothes for a family of six on a washboard, and even climbed down into the well to scrub it out when necessary. She rowed across the Bay of Fundy in a dory (flat bottomed boat) to East Port, Maine to get groceries and supplies. She was kind-hearted and stubborn and generous and the most amazing cook. I never had to wonder what she was thinking because she told me. Straight to the point. Whether I liked it or not.

When she passed away a few years ago, I realized that no one would ever adore me the way she did. Her love was the biggest gift, and I learned to do what needs to be done by watching her. She was the kind of woman who got annoyed if you wouldn’t let her get up on the roof to help you shingle the house even though she was in her 70s.

No matter what I face in my business or my personal life, it will never be as tough as the life she led. She showed me by doing.

Other entrepreneurs inspire me too… like…

Pam Wheaton

Pam Wheaton at Heartbreak Boutique

Pam Wheaton opened Heartbreak Boutique in 2012, nestled in the heart of Saint John‘s uptown core at 94 Germain St. Her store sells women’s vintage-inspired fashions ~ there’s nothing like it in Saint John. I love her clothes and her attitude.

Elaine Shannon, producer, on the set of the movie Owl River Runners

Elaine Shannon, producer, on the set of the movie Owl River Runners

Elaine Shannon (who you met in my post about courage) is a powerhouse of energy who started making videos in her basement a few years ago and posting them on YouTube. Now she has produced two movies and is hosting her fourth season (for a total of 76 episodes) of Simply Zen, a wellness show on TV1 for BellAliant.

We can’t forget the black belts.

I have friends in their 20 to 60s earning their black belts and continuing to train in karate.

When life feels overwhelming, look around. Inspiration awaits. Who are you looking to as a source of inspiration?



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