Today I’m Celebrating

Not everyone likes birthdays. Maybe people feel lonely, or they don’t like the number attached to the birthday. How you see your age or your birthday is your choice.

My family made our birthdays special when I was growing up. Homemade pizza or French fries. Mom and Nan would make a yummy cake and decorate it. I loved having sleepover birthdays with my girlfriends in our trailer, parked in our backyard.

I think everyone deserves an all-about-you day. It sure feels good.

I like to spend the day at the beach if it’s warm, or reading on the deck. The picture is of me from my birthday dinner at Britt’s with the girls in 2014. It was a lovely night to remember of laughs and telling stories. It’s a tradition I created because I was single much of my life, so there was no partner or children (except the furry ones) to celebrate with.

This year I’m doing one of my favourite things on my birthday ~ teaching Class 7 of 8 in the MBA program at the University of New Brunswick.

What traditional will you create this year to have an all-about-me celebration? How can you focus on the good stuff instead of the number?

Gotta go… I hear there’s gonna be cake…

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