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Thank You

Moving to a new city in my 20s was a lonelier transition than I had expected.

My saving grace was that my brother lived there too. I was still pretty broke from university and car-less, so Rick was great about driving me around once a week to get the heavy stuff like kitty litter, or he’d call me when his friends were going to a movie.

My favourite story of my gratitude to him was the Saturday I biked new trails and got lost. I cycled four times my intended route and ended up sleeping on the picnic table in his backyard until he arrived home – his house was the only familiar spot I could find. Luckily he drove me and my bike home.

I thought that actions spoke louder than words, so I continued to express my gratitude to him during this stressful time by surprising him with homemade banana bread or dropping off chocolate chip cookies still warm from the oven.

One day when I was delivering my latest batch of goodies, he said, “You know, Cath, you don’t have to do all this. All you have to do is say thank you. You’ve never said it once, but I have a feeling that’s what all this baking is about.”

I was in shock. I was sure that I had said thank you, and then I realized he was right. I never had.

Just because actions speak louder than words, it doesn’t mean you get to skip the words.

It’s an amazing feeling to open your mailbox and read a thank you note from someone or to pick up the phone to hear someone say thanks because you really made a difference in their day.

Who would you like to thank? Find the words. After all, words of gratitude are easier on the waistline than cookies anyway.

You also can read this article in the newspaper The District News, available throughout the Saint John region.

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