A Guest Post on Your Role as a Leader

Our post today is from my former coach and now friend Marilyn Orr of Capacity Building Coaching in Austin, Texas

Today I am writing to you from New Mexico. This has been my home away from home for approximately 9 years. It is my privilege to work with amazing leaders with a company here every year.

Part of the transition that I get to be part of and witness is the internalization of this concept of being a leader. Sadly our society has equated leadership with positions. That does 2 damaging things, in my opinion.

• People who don’t have a title that sounds like a leader let themselves off of the hook.

• People who have a title don’t always think about what true leadership is.

In my training we make use of Robin Sharma’s work in his book “The Leader Who Had No Title”. It’s a fantastic story illustrating the essence of leadership. As Maxwell puts it, “it is about one life influencing another.”

What would you do differently tomorrow if you showed up to work seeing yourself as a key influencer in the lives of the people around you?

Jim Rohn puts it well. He learned first-hand about self-learning and the transformation that it brings. His conclusions on leadership are so solid and at one level simple. To read more by Jim Rohn on these thoughts, visit here:

Increasing our self-awareness is an important step in showing up more intentionally as a leader in our everyday interactions and choices.

What can you do in the coming week to increase your self-awareness?

When is the last time that you welcomed feedback from others on how they experience you?

Who in your life do you most want to inspire by how you are living your everyday?

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