Email escalates conflict

Email is tone-deaf. Choose another medium.

Recently a regular client sent me an email asking me to start a new project, but the message about the conditions of the project were confusing to me.

I quickly responded to the email in the parking lot between meetings, writing I was on the road and that I didn’t understand the why this project had new, limited conditions.

That was my mistake.

Never ever ever ever deal with any kind of conflict or confusion via email ~ and certainly not when you’re rushing.

I should have called him when I had more time.

In an effort to deal with this quickly via email, I didn’t deal with it properly. You cannot hear someone’s tone of voice in an email.

How did it end? The client was confused and frustrated. I was trying to be efficient, seeking clarification. Of course, it always takes a phone call or face-to-face conversation to sort out.

Please learn from my mistakes…. whether it is a client, co-worker, or friend, never ever ever ever deal with any kind of conflict via email unless you absolutely have to do it.



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