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Take Time for Your Own Training

We are all busy. Sometimes it feels like a competition when you chat with other people. Everyone is comparing their to do lists. But this post isn’t about time management. It’s about something that should stay a priority in your professional life.

Are you investing in your own professional development?

Life is no fun if we stop learning, and someone else always has something to teach us.

ConnexionWorks in Saint John NB hosted some great business training as part of September Sales Week. That’s why I invested time in a business development strategy workshop with Mary Jane Copps, also known as the Phone Lady. Mary Jane is an expert in phone communication and sales, having trained sales teams across the country. I also attended a noontime panel discussion about business to business sales, hosted by Mark Breen of Enterprise Saint John and featuring Lori Weir of Above the Line Consulting, Gerry Verner of Innovatia, and Stephanie Turner of Partners Global Corporate Real Estate.

Two themes kept coming to me this week:

  • Make sure you have the right systems in place to be as efficient as possible
  • Take the time to invest in yourself ~ even if it means reading a book for 30 minutes.

What are you doing this week to invest in your professional development?





  1. Brenda on October 7, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Thanks Catherine for this post-great speakers we can all learn from!
    I’m learning right now, but more to come!

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