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My Top Five!

I believe in karma. When you help someone else, you’ll help yourself too. That happened this morning when an MBA student of mine who plans to open his own business in Africa asked for a list of must-read business books. I pulled together my top five books to email him and ended up with a blog post to share…

These are five of my must-reads for anyone owning a business or holding a leadership position (No, I don’t get any money for recommending these books):

The War of Art
It may not seem like a business book, but it talks about the internal blocks to what we need to do and how to go around them.

To Sell is Human
Great quick read. Good info on selling for those who cringe at the word.

Performing Under Pressure
Lots of amazing research from the Institute for Health and Human Performance on how Olympic level athletes and leading biz people handle stress and pressure. Key for any consultant. 

The Art of Extreme Self-Care
Don’t skip this book!!! I don’t know of any consultant, leader, or business owner that hasn’t burned him or herself out. This is great info for managing your life and succeeding. I met Cheryl Richardson a few years ago. She’s an accountant by trade before becoming a biz coach so she’s very logical about the process. 

Innovative Intelligence
David Weiss is brilliant. If you ever get to see him speak, he’s great.

What must-read book is on your list for this week?


  1. Jason Legere on October 11, 2016 at 11:40 am

    Kudos on including the Pressfield book in the list – it really helped me.

    The books I’ve listed below are less books ‘for the week’ – but books for most weeks, in that I find myself revisiting them frequently and try to do an annual cover to cover re-read.

    “Getting Things Done” – David Allen’s work that started the “GTD” movement. It requires some restarts and brain training, but I’ve found it tremendously helpful to keep priorities straight… especially if you’re prone (as I am) to being busy for busy’s sake.

    Neil Fiore’s “The Now Habit” has also helped me a lot. It’s marketed as a “solve procrastination” book but really becomes so much more. It tackles the underlying causes of why we avoid, addresses the guilt and the inability to relax and “play” that comes with putting things off. Great work.

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