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How to Reach Another Personality Type

Recently I taught a wonderful group of business and government leaders from across the province as part of the University of New Brunswick‘s College of Extended Learning. During this Empowered Women leadership program, we examined ways to adjust one’s approach based on different personality types. It was such a great conversation around this learning activity that I thought I’d share the basics here.

How we learn, how we problem-solve, and how we speak ~ it is all part of our personality. Unless we are aware of other styles, we will continue to speak or provide information only in the way in which as we prefer to receive information. That will annoy at least 25% of the population most of the time, so we need to adjust.

Think about that one person (c’mon, we all have one) that can sometimes get on our last nerve. Chances are they have the total opposite way of looking at the world.

The first step is to understand that everyone’s way of seeing the world has value. When you can’t see it, force yourself to write ten things about the person that you like. That will help you understand how they contribute to your organization. Maybe she or he is great at record-keeping or has good ideas, etc. You can always find something in there.

Then listen to the person. Do they speak in intuitive language like I feel we should move forward with the project? Or do they say things like logically that should be the next step?

Thirdly, consider how much detail that person requires. Does she or he usually want you to provide a brief report with less detail? Or do they generally have more questions for you after a report or request?

These three steps will help you to see the value other person brings, as well as give you tips as to whether you want to use a logical or feeling approach when you want to persuade them to do something. It also shows you what level of detail they require to make a decision.

What do you plan to do differently this week to communicate better with someone at work?


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