Think About Something Better

With shorter daylight, the holiday bustle approaching, and the recent circus of negativity from the US election, it’s easy to become down and critical. But that’s not where the good stuff is.

Choose a positive attitude.

I’m not talking about denial. I’m talking about the simple stuff. Take a moment now to think about one good thing. It could be you are wearing your favourite comfy sweater, going to see your child play basketball tonight, laughing at a silly animal video on YouTube, or even using your favourite pen.

You cannot lead if you are negative. You cannot recognize great ideas if you are irritable.

Switch your focus. Look for the good in the people around you. Focus on who you want to be in your life, at work, or in the world to help. Stop frustrating yourself by wishing the world and other people were different than what they are.

You are responsible for your own life and your own work. You are a leader.

What will an amazing leader like you do differently to focus this week?



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