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What Holiday Cards Are You Sending?

I know the holidays are just around the corner, so I had to share few words about holiday messages.

Here is the big lesson for today…

Greeting cards are for greetings. That’s it!

They are supposed to help you connect with your business associates and potential clients. Here are a few messages GONE WRONG that you could HURT your client relationships…

X Make your company logo the centre of the card
This is a holiday greeting, not a promotion.

X Writing an impersonal message, like “Thank you for your business.”
Why bother sending out a card from a robot?

X Client address labels on the envelopes and signing only your name on the inside
We all know what happened. Your assistant printed off the labels, and you ran through all the cards signing your name as quickly as possible. Or worse, have your signature printed on your card when you order them (nooooooo!) These speedy tricks don’t make your holiday greeting feel personal. That doesn’t connect you with the other person.

X Writing about yourself in the card
“Guess what our company accomplished this year” kinds of messages. Stop promoting.

X Promotion or discount card
It’s insulting. If you want to offer a discount, mail it separately. Greeting cards are about connecting, not selling.

So what can you do to connect with clients and show you care?

Order your own holiday cards with pictures of your team making a snowman or doing something fun. Your logo can be somewhere small and secondary to the holiday message.

Handwrite the address

Use stamps instead of a postage metre

Write the person’s name on the inside of the card

✓ Write a sincere and personalized holiday message on the card and then sign it. For example, write something like, “Hope you have a great time in Vermont over the holidays” or “Enjoy your holiday with your family.” Be sure they do have family when you write that. Don’t assume people have family or children. If they don’t, it just makes the holidays hurt more.

If you’re reading these strategies thinking, “She’s crazy. That takes way too much time.” Remember that it is better to do something well and for a targeted few with great holiday messages, than to send a impersonal holiday greeting to many.

What are you going to do differently on your holiday messages this year or next?



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