Growth comes from your attitude.

The Growth Mindset is persistence. It’s vision. It’s focus. And it’s allowing yourself to not be perfect, to not be ‘there’ now whatever your goal or dream is.

Recently I watched Carol S. Dweck, PhD, a leading researcher in the field of motivation from Stanford, give an amazing 12-minute TEDx talk (or see below) on the growth mindset. She opens by discussing a school that doesn’t give grades of F. Instead report cards say “not yet.” It shows that we expect people to succeed.

We need to reward ourselves and our teams for effort and progress.

Later that day Amana Yoga for my workout, and I had moved into full “poor me” mode during yoga class, as I saw other bodies doing the moves that I used to flow in and out of so effortlessly. (I left bootcamp and karate recently due to injuries) I love yoga, but I was mad at my body because I couldn’t even do all the moves in the beginner yoga today. Then Dr. Dweck’s words “not yet” came to mind. I haven’t failed. Just not yet. And if I quit, I’ll never be strong. I smiled and kept doing what my body currently allows me to do ~ which I realize is more than I could do two months ago.

The same Not Yet mindset applies to your career and how you manage your team. Relieve your inner perfectionist of his or her crankiness. Celebrate the successes, the progress. Tell yourself Not Yet. Go beyond the discouragement of the moment. Take another step.

How are you going to adopt the growth mindset this week?


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