training and development policy

If you have employees, you need a Training and Development Policy

Your Training and Development (T&D) Policy can be one page or twenty. It all depends on your business, staff roles, and the number of employees.

You can benefit from a T&D Policy in several ways. First of all, it acknowledges the importance of training to the success of your company. It shows your employees that you value them and gives everyone equal access to training. In return, it defines the employee’s responsibility to his/her professional development.

For example, do you make professional development part of their annual performance review and goals? Or do you require anyone attending a conference to make a ten-minute presentation to share lessons learned with the rest of the team?

You may choose to have your policy define several issues, such as budget, days off, training and seniority, measurable performance goals, supervisor and managers’ responsibilities, and more.

What is your next step to review to revise your T&D Policy?

PS If you need help developing or updating your policy, let me know.



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