Clear Instructions Save Time

Have you ever been delegated work and wondered what someone meant? Or has your team wasted time going in the wrong direction because they didn’t understand what you really meant?

Here are five things to consider when you share instructions:

1 – Assume nothing.
Sometimes we are so knee-deep in a project that we forget that other people don’t know what we know.

2 – Start with the end.
Begin the conversation or instructions with exactly what you need.
Verbal to delegate: I need a draft of the proposal for ABC Inc. by Tuesday at 3 pm.

3 – Know your audience.
Is this totally new knowledge to them? What kind of language do they use? Whoever they are — Keep it simple! Avoid jargon and acronyms. Be sure the information you share is clear to the other person or team.

4 – Ask for the info back.
Have the person who is taking on the project repeat back what you said to them so they understand the scope of the work. If it’s delegation by email, have a quick chat to make sure you’re on the same.

What do you plan to do differently when you delegate work this week?

 Catherine Doucette MEd, CTDP delivers customized business communications and leadership programs with measurable results. Topics include management issues, communication styles, difficult conversations, presentation skills, mentoring, productivity, managing conflict, business writing, and more.

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