Make Yourself Part of the Solution

The client went berserk

Your teammates at work are fighting

People are talking about you behind your back

You just made a huge mistake on a project

Whatever happened — whether it was your fault or not – there’s only one way back to sanity when everything goes to hell. Make promises to yourself, and keep them.

That’s not our automatic reaction.

Our reaction is to try harder or fight back. Maybe it’s time to step back. Breathe. Make promises to yourself. You wouldn’t feel like everything was going to hell if you were looking after yourself. You would be able to put work into perspective.

If you were making yourself a priority, you’d feel better. You’d make wiser choices. Food. Exercise. Time with friends. Laughter. More water. More sleep. Focusing on what is working in your life.

If you were looking after yourself, you would recognize the following truths…

  • You are not a reflection of how people treat you. How people treat you is a reflection of who they are.
  • When people put you down, it’s fear. They’re doing it to make themselves feel better.
  • You have had many successes and lots of life lessons. You’ve survived. You’ve learned to do better.

Now look at your own reactions…

  • If you’re pointing at someone to blame, you’re off base.
  • If you are disrespecting people, it’s because you’re afraid of what happens next. Stop it.
  • Have you apologized if you need to?


  • Are you looking for a solution?
  • Are you being kind?
  • Are you figuring out what happened?
  • Have you offered to help others so it doesn’t happen again?

Then you’re on track.

We have all had those days or weeks or even months when it feels like everything is going to hell. But it’s not. You’re in control of your feelings and what you do next. Look after yourself so you can make the best possible decisions for you and your work.

What are you going to do differently this week?

Catherine Doucette MEd, CTDP delivers customized business communications and leadership programs with measurable results. Topics include management issues, communication styles, difficult conversations, presentation skills, mentoring, productivity, managing conflict, business writing, and more.

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