4 Lessons I Learned By Fixing It

The same problem had a negative impact on the lives of 90%. More than 50% said it affected their motivation. 40% reported it hurt their professional image.

The answer:  Clutter. Based on these 2011 stats reported in Forbes, this next one may not shock you ~

Each of us wastes 55 minutes a day (roughly 12 days a year)
looking for things we own but can’t find.

We all have our reasons and excuses for letting our work spaces and our online work spaces get cluttered.

My favourite excuse is I’m so busy.

So what?

productivityI’m not suggesting that you’re a pack rat (I’m not either) or that we try to become the next Martha Stewart. I am asking you to consider the lost time and money. Recently I shredded five-plus boxes of files, donated three bags of materials, and tossed three bags of garbage out of my home office. I’m not done yet. And there’s still the uptown office to tackle (see pic) but I just had to share…

The lessons from the process ~

1 The sight of the mess ate away at my motivation. The guilty secret. Too overwhelming (I thought) to start. But now wahoo! the joy once as I’m making progress!

2 My work belongs in my office so my home can be the peaceful place it was meant be. (I hadn’t worked in my home office for months. Instead I was using the living room to catch up on work.)

3 I was shocked at how I had bought office supplies multiple times because I didn’t realize that I already have it (you do NOT want to know how many boxes of pens that I have)

4 I was burning time and money by reprinting reports that I had no idea were already printed in a pile by my desk.

Next time, we’ll look at tips and tricks to get and stay organized. Until then, what drawer or box or pile are you going to organize this week?

Catherine Doucette MEd, CTDP delivers customized business communications and leadership programs with measurable results. Topics include management issues, communication styles, difficult conversations, presentation skills, mentoring, productivity, managing conflict, business writing, and more.

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