The Power of Reading

Extraordinary people. Great leaders. Creative thinkers. They do this thing. Every day. They read.

Oprah, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington… Some statistics show that successful people read four or five books per month.

Isn’t it time you got started?

Summer is a great season to become curious. Like many people, I often feel too drained by the end of the day to read. Too fried to reach for new information.

But as I pack for vacation, I want to share with you the next four books on my reading list. I too need to jumpstart my love for reading, as I was a voracious reader for many years.

How You Learn Is How You Live
by Kay Peterson and David A. Kolb

I’ve already started this one. What a great researched-backed conversation how your learning style affects everything – how you spend money, problem solve, and communicate.

Eat That Frog!
by Brian Tracy

One of my MBA students mentioned this book in an assignment about how they planned to curb their procrastination habit. I can’t wait to get started on this book next.

Your Life’s Purpose
by Michael J. Losier

The latest book by this best-selling author who grew up in Saint John, it is designed to help you determine what brings you joy in life. We can always use more happiness.

Organizational Resilience
by D. Christopher Kayes

Recommended by a colleague, I’m looking forward to reading about how learning helps organizations thrive instead of just survive in a crisis.

By the way, if you’re like me and like the feel of a real book, you are not alone. The sale of books is up and eBooks is down.

Whether you want to be a better cook, coach, or manager, what are you reading this summer?

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